Susan Forrest
Rockport became my new family home in 2000, and every day since then has been an adventure leading me back to painting. Morning walks along Fulton Beach Road opened my eyes to a new world of plein air possibilities. Settling into the nurturing community of Rockport and volunteering at the Rockport Art Center reawakened my desire to paint and encouraged me to “start again.”

After several years of workshops in Rockport in a variety of media, I reconnected to my fascination with pastels. I am convinced that the stroke by stroke creative application of the pure color pigment of pastel is a perfect fit for the way I see and process. It allows me to interpret both the broad landscapes around me as well as the more intimate vignettes in nature.

I have a B.S. in Education from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas and have intermittently taught private and public school art and language arts over the past 30 years. My art training began at the age of nine with private lessons from an insightful instructor who focused on opening my eyes to see the colors in nature and then taught me how to create them for my own palette. Public school art, college fine arts classes, workshops and private classes in Texas and Louisiana have continued the training.