Caro Jackson
oil, acrylic
In a city that is surrounded by landscapes that nearly take your breath away, how can you not be challenged to paint? I guess the challenge is what pushes me on. I have learned to see things in a whole different light and to use my imagination in my compositions.

I began painting custom children’s furniture for my toy store in Fort Worth, Texas and continued to do so after moving to Rockport, graduating to painting adult furniture with a whimsical twist. With some encouragement I began to take classes at the Rockport Art Center and some “road” classes around Texas and New Mexico. Before I knew it, I had switched focus from furniture to canvas.

I am drawn to the mountains and the vistas of the desert, somewhat atypical for a seaside community. The southwest colors and the shadows created by the rocks and canyons are my favorite landscapes to paint. I have tried all different mediums, but oil is my favorite. We have traveled extensively by boat and car over the past six years and I am never without a sketch book or a small watercolor set. I am drawn to the impressionists view but willing to try new things.

I grew up in a very artistic family and was exposed to fine art throughout my life. We are fortunate here in Rockport to have such a wealth of talented artists who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge. I am the lucky recipient.